Quality concrete services in Penrith and surrounding suburbs

A wide range of concrete services for any project

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Providing services for construction projects big and small, at Dezigna Driveways we specialise in all areas of decorative concrete driveways, patios, pathways, slabs, pool surrounds and entertaining areas.

We also offer great designs and colour consultancy if you are looking to give your home a unique look and feel.

Decorative concrete

decorative concrete and other quality concrete service

If you're looking to give your driveway or entertainment area a more inviting and modern touch, Dezigna Driveways have a number of decorative concrete solutions, ranging from the latest in decorative cutting to stencil and stamped patterns. Providing concrete coating solutions at competitive rates, you can now afford to add a touch of elegance with a porcelain design, add a rustic flavour with a terracotta finish or any other design that strikes your fancy.

Built to last, decorative concrete is great value for money and will keep your home looking great for years to come.

Driveways and pathways

driveways and pathways and other quality concrete service

The area surrounding your home can be almost as important as the interior. Arriving to a beautifully decorated driveway or path after a long day can add that extra taste of home.

Calling on Dezigna Driveways will not only improve the aesthetic quality of your home but also the safety, with the most stringent measures carried out.

We have a number of clay brick and tile alternatives to suit any needs and tastes.

Patios and pool surrounds

patios and pool surrounds and other quality concrete service

Fast becoming an essential for today's porch and backyard area, Dezigna Driveways can upgrade the look of your backyard with a decorative concrete design that won't break the bank. We have stamped and colouring concrete to give your patio or pool surrounds a classic stone look, with designs ranging from cobblestone and fractured slate to limestone and sandstone.

From providing consultation for tile placement and layout to helping you choose the design, Dezigna Driveways is with you every step of the way.